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Innovation Convention 2014: Entrepreneurs, business leaders and policy makers to discuss digitally-powered entrepreneurship in Brussels

The Innovation Convention 2014, an essential part of the Innovation Union flagship initiative, brings together business leaders, top researchers and high-level policy makers to debate and inform policies that will contribute towards the building of an innovation-friendly environment, making it easier for great ideas to be turned into products and services across the European continent.Read more

The Internet of Things: When your Teddy bear speaks to you and transforms Business & Society

Have you ever imagined that an inanimate object had feelings and thoughts? Of course you did. For most of us this starts when we are very young, in our first games with Teddy and Thomas the Tank Engine. Then we grow up and resigned ourselves to the fact that this was not “real”. But today mobile technology is transforming this world of our imagination into a reality, and revolutionising the face of modern business.Read more

A challenge: Connecting cities to generate social impact and create opportunities

Objects in our cities are brimming with information. The barriers at Madrid’s main station know exactly how many people pass through them every day, and when they do so. But up until now they had no easy way to share this information and make it useful. The advent of the Internet of Things means that objects will become empowered to share their information, and help improve urban living conditions. Read more

Innovation, Entrepreneurism and Taking Action – an Interview with James Eder Co-Founder of StudentBeans.com

Telefónica sat down with James Eder, Co-Founder and Commercial Director of StudentBeans.com, for a candid interview on entrepreneurism, careers and the challenges and opportunities Millennials face. StudentBeans.com is a leading student portal which attracts over 6 million visits and over 300,000 new registered users every year by providing students with offers and exclusive editorial features around entertainment, advice and money saving opportunities for free. Eder was recently named Social Media Entrepreneur of the year at the Great British Entrepreneur awards, and has also been named as one of Future 50 2013.Read more

Leadership 2.0: Gen Y in the Boardroom

Alan Mak, President of Magic Breakfast, a leading children’s charity; Ambassador for youth summit One Young World; and a World Economic Forum Young Global Shaper, discusses how Gen Y’s dynamism, inherently global outlook, digital aptitude and understanding of responsible business can help companies understand and respond to the big trends that are already shaping the future.Read more

Telefónica at The Holmes Report’s Global Public Relations Summit

In November, the Holmes Report held its annual Global Public Relations Summit in Miami, where many of the public relations industry’s agencies and leading professionals gathered to discuss critical issues facing businesses today. Burson-Marsteller’s Worldwide Chair and CEO, Don Baer, led a presentation and panel discussion about the Global Millennial Survey. The speakers on the panel included Telefónica Executive Director Richard Poston, Silvina Moschini from CNN Español and other Millennial …Read more

Women Entrepreneurs Deserve Encouragement, Empowerment

According to the Telefónica Global Millennial Survey launch earlier this year, 48 percent of Millennial women feel being an entrepreneur is an important life accomplishment; and 66 percent feel they have the opportunity to become one within their home countries. Susan Segal, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Americas Society and Council of the Americas, participated in a Q&A session with Telefónica to discuss the importance of empowering women …Read more

Políglota, the language learning network that is leading Latin America to proficiency in English

Interview by Xenia Elsaesser, Think Big Europe Programme Development, Telefónica It’s Tuesday evening in Santiago, Chile, and Claudia sets off for a drink after work. She arrives at the table and introduces herself to the group. In English. Now, Claudia’s having a drink with other 12 people, hanging out in a language that is only spoken by 2% of the Chilean population. This group meets every Tuesday to collaborate and have …Read more

Societies in Transition: 40% of Millennials believe they can make a global difference

The Telefónica Global Millennial Survey was presented within the most prominent conference in the Czech Republic, Forum 2000, and served as base for argumentation for a panel discussion about the new generation in politics. Frédéric Michel, Telefónica global director of public engagement, participated in the debate “Tahrir, Taksim, Sao Paulo and Elsewhere: A New Generation in/of Politics?” with relevant international speakers. The Egyptian blogger and activist and Nobel Peace Prize …Read more

Prague Forum 2000 – The Power of the Collective Millennial Voice

At this year’s Forum 2000 meeting in Prague, Czech Republic, I gave the opening remarks for the “Tahrir, Taksim, Sao Paulo: A new generation of politics?” panel. Ivan Gabal, Michael Anti, Nada Dhaif, Ahmed Maher, and William Echikson discussed how the world is now entering a new phase, characterized by a boom in technology, with social media at the forefront. Millennials are at the helm, driving the change by joining …Read more

How to Embed Intercultural Skills into Society and the Learnings from One Young World 2013

As I mentioned in my previous post on the Gender Equality Debate at One Young World 2013, there were two key themes I wanted to explore while at this year’s OYW summit in Johannesburg. The second of these was how to develop intercultural skills in younger generations. While the 1,300 young delegates from 190 different countries at the summit all demonstrated excellent intercultural competence and an ability to communicate effectively …Read more

The Debate on Gender Equality at One Young World 2013

One of the great things about the One Young World (OYW) summit is the sheer quantity of topics and issues it covers and allows us to debate. You could be addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa one minute, and discussing the power of political protest in the Middle East the next. With such a wide scope it’s essential to come with a very open mind, but in order to fully …Read more

Results of the Telefónica Millennial Survey presented at the Vision Summit on education in Berlin

Education is a key issue for countries like Germany that are on their way to becoming knowledge-based societies. At the leading German symposium on the theme of education – the Vision Summit – once a year teachers and pupils discuss the future of the country’s education system with education experts, philosophers and representatives from business and NGOs. The innovative congress in Berlin explores concrete possibilities for the further development of …Read more