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Telefónica’s Index on Digital Life: a first approach to measure a Country’s Digital Progress

By Carlos Lopez-Blanco This month Telefónica launched the Telefónica Index on Digital Life, the most comprehensive Global Index on Digital Life ever developed. The Index measures how different countries and their citizens are progressing towards a Digital Economy and a Digital Society, which can be referred to jointly as Digital Life. The Index specifically explores this progression, in 34 countries worldwide, through three sub indexes: DIGITAL OPENNESS: How openly infrastructure …Read more

Rethinking how we understand the digital economy

Telefónica’s new assessment of global prosperity looks to reframe the way digital development is measured across the world In 2016, the number of people connected to the internet is expected to exceed 3 billion. As the opportunities surrounding the digital world grow, the term “digital economy” has become ubiquitous; a catch-all to discuss many aspects of digital life, from the rise of mobile commerce to the prosperity of a particular region. …Read more

Why looking at Digital Life has kept me interested for 20 years

By Erkko Autio, Research Director, Professor of Technology Venturing, Imperial College Business School I have been studying Digital Life, in one form or another, for more than 20 years. Before I go on about why I find it so fascinating, and why I was so eager to partner with Telefonica to create its Index on Digital Life, I’ll first provide a few necessary definitions. To understand Digital Life, we first need …Read more

Telefónica’s Index on Digital Life: what the findings show

In June 2016, Telefónica released the most comprehensive ‘Index on Digital Life’ ever developed, ranking 34 countries worldwide on the quality of their digital ecosystem. Developed over a course of a year in partnership with world leading scholars from London’s Imperial Business School, George Mason University and the University of Pécs, the Index challenges the traditional overreliance on infrastructure development when measuring the impact of the digital economy. Instead, it …Read more

Latin America: No longer an importer of tech, but a creator

By Fernando Arenas (@FernandoArenas), Telefónica One Young World delegate It’s a great time to be living and working in Latin America. Consumption and manufacturing is growing and most of the population are young and want to be part of driving the change in a region that has historically been under-developed. Opportunities abound. Yet researching the Global Millennial Survey (2013) left me thinking about the goals and dreams of Latin American millennials, especially …Read more

What do Spanish Millennials identify as ‘life accomplishments’

By Juan Luis Lopez, @Jual_Vazquez “The meaning of life is to give life meaning”, Ken Hudgins. This quote seems somewhat contrived but nevertheless, it carries with it a certain amount of gravitas and had been in the back of my mind until I took to writing this blog. Some time ago, I wanted to understand how much energy we use each day in pursuing our dreams; those ambitions identified early …Read more

Benefits of technology are still not open to every young person despite UK’s growing tech-savvy millennial generation

Although it’s great to see children as young as 6 rivalling the digital expertise of a 45-year-old, the latest Ofcom insights into techie teens – part of Ofcom’s Communications Market Report – doesn’t address the huge numbers still without access to digital technology, who are still not benefiting from this digital revolution. In fact, a recent study has shown that technology has actually increased the gap between the rich and …Read more

Innovation, Entrepreneurism and Taking Action – an Interview with James Eder Co-Founder of StudentBeans.com

Telefónica sat down with James Eder, Co-Founder and Commercial Director of StudentBeans.com, for a candid interview on entrepreneurism, careers and the challenges and opportunities Millennials face. StudentBeans.com is a leading student portal which attracts over 6 million visits and over 300,000 new registered users every year by providing students with offers and exclusive editorial features around entertainment, advice and money saving opportunities for free. Eder was recently named Social Media Entrepreneur of the year at the Great British Entrepreneur awards, and has also been named as one of Future 50 2013.Read more

Leadership 2.0: Gen Y in the Boardroom

Alan Mak, President of Magic Breakfast, a leading children’s charity; Ambassador for youth summit One Young World; and a World Economic Forum Young Global Shaper, discusses how Gen Y’s dynamism, inherently global outlook, digital aptitude and understanding of responsible business can help companies understand and respond to the big trends that are already shaping the future.Read more

Políglota, the language learning network that is leading Latin America to proficiency in English

Interview by Xenia Elsaesser, Think Big Europe Programme Development, Telefónica It’s Tuesday evening in Santiago, Chile, and Claudia sets off for a drink after work. She arrives at the table and introduces herself to the group. In English. Now, Claudia’s having a drink with other 12 people, hanging out in a language that is only spoken by 2% of the Chilean population. This group meets every Tuesday to collaborate and have …Read more

Results of the Telefónica Millennial Survey presented at the Vision Summit on education in Berlin

Education is a key issue for countries like Germany that are on their way to becoming knowledge-based societies. At the leading German symposium on the theme of education – the Vision Summit – once a year teachers and pupils discuss the future of the country’s education system with education experts, philosophers and representatives from business and NGOs. The innovative congress in Berlin explores concrete possibilities for the further development of …Read more

Education and Entrepreneurship with Rajeeb Dey, Founder of Enternships.com

The FT-Telefónica Millennials Summit held in Brussels was the last in a series of three global events attended by business and political leaders and high-profile influencers, to discuss what we, collectively, need to do to empower adult Millennials to make an impact on society and achieve their potential. After the Summit, Telefónica sat down with Rajeeb Dey, a Milliennial and CEO of Enternships.com, a portal that connects students and graduates …Read more

FT-Telefónica Millennials Summit, Brussels – 19 September 2013

The FT-Telefónica Millennials Summit in Brussels is the last in a series of three global events attended by business and political leaders and high-profile influencers, to discuss what we, collectively, need to do to empower adult Millennials to make an impact on society and achieve their potential. The conversation in Brussels continued with a focus on the digital future of Europe as Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission and …Read more

Let’s Make Digital Skills the Fourth Literacy – José María Álvarez-Pallete

As millions of graduates begin the task of finding a job or settling into a career in an extremely tight market this summer, prospective employers will be looking more closely than ever at the skills, training and educational backgrounds these graduates bring to the table. Having a diploma is a great accomplishment, but bringing the right skills — especially skills in digital technology — to a new job on day one may be just as important as that diploma for members of the Class of 2013.

Here we are in the midst of a digital revolution and as we look across the technology horizon, there is an astounding gap in the ability of the population to use the very digital technology that is transforming the way we live and work. Although we live in a highly connected world with 6 billion mobile phone subscribers, only 26 percent of the people in developing countries are Internet users, compared with 74 percent of the people in developed countries.Read more