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One Young World

How the Digital Economy is driving meaningful social change

As technology becomes more integrated into our everyday lives it is having a prolific impact on the growth of economies around the world. At a socio-economic level, it is estimated that digitalisation has the potential to increase GDP per capita growth rates by 40%. The creation of 1.56million jobs and an estimated turnover of the digital tech industries reaching £161billion in the UK alone in 2014, means that we can …Read more

Global Millennial Survey reveals useful insights on topic of influence

By Claire Rampen, Telefonica Millennial leader When ‘influence’ is discussed in the media, talk often turns to its negative impacts; the focus is on children who are growing up too quickly, or an epidemic of violence and sexualisation in young people. And what about the root of these influences? More often than not, we are quick to identify key reasons, in the form of products or media channels, and vilify …Read more

The Impact of One Young World

Charlie is a Telefoncia One Young World Ambassador from the United Kingdom. In this blog, (first published on oneyoungworld.com) Charlie reflects on his latest One Young World experience at the 2014 Summit in Dublin. Follow Charlie on Twitter @rlieoliver. The One Young World Summit is an inimitable opportunity. I have been fortunate to attend twice with the company I work for – Telefónica. If your interests lie in culture, art, …Read more

Wayra Startup Awarded £20k Seed Capital during Millennial Summit

Lucia Valencia-Dongo Quintanilla, founder of Duhem, a Wayra Peru accelerated startup, was one of three social entrepreneurs awarded $20,000 during the closing ceremony of the largest gathering of nations on earth – One Young World (OYW). Lucia formed part of a 50-strong Telefonica delegation representing nine countries across the business as well as millennial leaders from Pronino, Think Big and Talentum. Their attendance was part of Telefonica’s commitment in activating …Read more

Former Latam Presidents believe Millennials should fill ‘vacuum of leadership’

After delivering Telefonica’s recent Global Millennial Survey (GMS) findings to young leaders from across 190 countries, Ronan Dunne, CEO Telefonica UK, welcomed four former Latin American presidents onto the stage at the One Young World Summit in Dublin, Ireland. President Alejandro Toledo (Peru), President Ardito-Barletta (Panama), President Vicente Fox Quesada (Mexico) and President Pastrana (Colombia), took their seats for what was an intimate look inside a continent from those who …Read more

Telefonica Millennial Leader Speaks during Global Summit on Sustainability

José María Ortega Hernández, an award-winning Think Big project leader from Spain, roused global leaders, including Dame Ellen MacArthur and Lord Bilimoria, when he delivered his speech during the Sustainable Development plenary at this year’s One Young World Summit – the second largest gathering of nations on earth. On the day that saw Ronan Dunne, Chief Executive of Telefonica UK, deliver the findings from the second Global Millennial Survey, the …Read more

Optimism: A Millennial Trait Overlooked?

Ahead of One Young World, Ronan Dunne, Telefonica UK’s CEO, discusses an attitude defining a generation As a Dublin boy born and raised, I’ll find myself heading home this week for the largest gathering of nations second only to the Olympic Games, One Young World (OYW). The Summit welcomes over 1,300 millennial leaders from 190 countries to debate and agree on actions they believe are necessary for the good of …Read more

Survey reveals how technology can combat political apathy in the UK

As the UK’s political parties’ battle for the hearts and minds of voters ahead of the May 2015 election, a new opinion poll for Telefónica lifts the lid on the views of an often ignored voter demographic – young people. The UK findings from Telefónica’s global survey of Millennials suggests that Westminster is still failing to inspire young people. According to the survey, an overwhelming majority (71%) of the Millennial generation …Read more

Survey to be discussed at largest gathering of Millennials on the planet

Ronan Dunne (@ronandunneo2), Chief Executive Officer of Telefónica UK (O2) and member of the Telefónica SA Executive Committee, will discuss this year’s Global Millennial Survey at One Young World in Dublin, Ireland in front of 1,300 Millennial leaders from 190 countries. The session itself will be streamed LIVE via the GMS homepage on Thursday, 16th October at 13:45pm (IST). The annual Millennial summit, which takes place between 15-18 October, is …Read more

Telefónica Brings Be More to One Young World

Telefónica are proud to announce that we’re taking Be More on the road to Dublin for the second largest gathering of nations on earth – One Young World. Inspired by our beliefs in youth and digital, our breakout this year will discuss how delegates can adopt and enable entrepreneurial (“intrapreneurial”) behaviour in big business to disrupt how we do things – the way we work, the way we identify new …Read more

World’s Millennial Leaders Invited to Wayra Dublin

Having beat off stiff competition from awe-inspiring cities such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Edinburgh, Dublin city has been rewarded with the privilege of hosting over 1,500 multinational leaders from 190 countries as part of the One Young World Summit 2014. The city, which is Europe’s youngest capital, is also the perfect place for millennial leaders to discover how they can gain investment for their digital startups as Dublin houses …Read more

Inheriting Scotland: Will young Scots back global millennial trend of togetherness or seek path to independence?

Data suggests young Scots see themselves as British and claims the digitised world may influence their vote to stay a part of the UnionBy Danny Bartlett, (@whosbored) Last year, I had the pleasure of attending One Young World, which as well as being the largest gathering of nations second only to the Olympic Games, also happens to bring over 1,300 millennial leaders together in an attempt to find youth-led solutions …Read more

Latin America: No longer an importer of tech, but a creator

By Fernando Arenas (@FernandoArenas), Telefónica One Young World delegate It’s a great time to be living and working in Latin America. Consumption and manufacturing is growing and most of the population are young and want to be part of driving the change in a region that has historically been under-developed. Opportunities abound. Yet researching the Global Millennial Survey (2013) left me thinking about the goals and dreams of Latin American millennials, especially …Read more

The Political Apathy Myth: How Young People are Redefining Political Engagement

By Danny Bartlett, @whosbored Political apathy is a term usually associated with youth. Whether it’s low voter turnout, disengagement from democratic processes or the lack of knowledge to make informed decisions, young people have been identified as the one demographic seemingly beyond saving. A sweeping statement maybe but when we consider a recent study conducted by the Hansard Society indicating that only 12% of under 25 year olds within the …Read more

‘Algorithmic regulation’: can big data put the nails in politics’ coffin?

By Florence Broderick, @FloBroderick Disengaged, frustrated and disappointed: today’s millennials have found themselves growing up in a murky period for politics as technology has brought a new transparency to society. Delegates at this year’s One Young World summit will have closely observed the spin, the expense scandals and the corruption as their unfortunate intertwinement with politics has reared its ugly head time and time again over the past decade. Thus, it’s …Read more

Technology can be an equalizer and open up opportunities to all

By Emily Stott, @MillieStott It’s hard to disagree with the statement that ‘technology opens doors’. Technology empowers everyday entrepreneurs, allowing capital sourcing through crowd funding and free marketing through social media. Technology enables more efficient and widespread healthcare, with the penetration of smartphones permitting remote monitoring and self-diagnosis. Technology allows improved access to education and makes learning easier, faster and simpler. This is listing just a handful of the benefits. Through …Read more