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Three different ways to use data & technology for good

What does a start- up that allows you to monitor the growth of your plants, an application for learning languages and a platform that quantifies the talent of a company have in common? Besides that they are all Spanish start-ups led by young entrepreneurs who have been accelerated by Wayra (Telefonica Open Future), what unites these three small businesses is their knowledge of how to use data to create original …Read more

Telefónica’s Index on Digital Life: what the findings show

In June 2016, Telefónica released the most comprehensive ‘Index on Digital Life’ ever developed, ranking 34 countries worldwide on the quality of their digital ecosystem. Developed over a course of a year in partnership with world leading scholars from London’s Imperial Business School, George Mason University and the University of Pécs, the Index challenges the traditional overreliance on infrastructure development when measuring the impact of the digital economy. Instead, it …Read more

‘We’ve got to do it our own way!’ The Duke of York tells UK startups

‘Vital, it’s absolutely vital!’ said HRH The Duke of York when asked in an interview with Wayra UK how important it is for the UK to tread its own path in establishing itself as a global entrepreneurial hub. ‘Looking at entrepreneurs, looking at the venture capitalist business, looking at how business in different countries are supported; the biggest thing I’ve learnt, and the most important, is do it so it fits the …Read more

Two-thirds of Gen Y-ers Confident They Can Impact Their Local Worlds

This piece has been written by Shivvy Jervis, Head of Digital Media for Telefonica. You can find her on Twitter and The Huffington Post. A fresh update to the largest-ever survey of more than 6,700 Millennials across Latin America, the United States and Western Europe has found that today’s 18-30 year olds are strikingly optimistic about their prospects for the future. I find this heartening, given most Gen Y-ers are having to …Read more

Why don’t we value our personal data online?

By Rosa Sánchez Guerrero, Telefonica Millennial Leader, Spain It’s an important moment in history for privacy on the Internet. Social networks and modern web platforms are increasing human interactions online and more traditional information streams are handling huge amounts of our personal data. Due to volume, information is stored locally and/or fetched from third parties using cross domain services. With more platforms managing these types of data transactions, privacy has …Read more

The Digital Ripple Effect

First published on Neelie Kroes (Vice-President of the European Commission) blog (15/10/2014) Can improving digital literacy increase positive interactions we have with the Web? During @CodeWeekEU, Telefonica’s Global Director for Public Engagement, Frederic Michel, discusses the merits of increased online/offline digital participation as changing perceptions of the Web Like in society, we want our web to be open, inclusive and accessible. However, upholding these democratic values online is easier said …Read more

Telefonica Millennial Leader Speaks during Global Summit on Sustainability

José María Ortega Hernández, an award-winning Think Big project leader from Spain, roused global leaders, including Dame Ellen MacArthur and Lord Bilimoria, when he delivered his speech during the Sustainable Development plenary at this year’s One Young World Summit – the second largest gathering of nations on earth. On the day that saw Ronan Dunne, Chief Executive of Telefonica UK, deliver the findings from the second Global Millennial Survey, the …Read more

Environmental Neglect: Who’s Responsible Anyway?

By Clare Coughlan, Telefonica UK Recent Millennial Survey shows neither Governments nor individuals taking responsibility for leading environmental change. Is there a third option? Everyone has a responsibility to leave the planet in a better state than when they found it (or at least not to leave it any worse). But the reality is that as individuals, we can’t see the impact we’re making, and we probably don’t trust anyone else …Read more

Telefonica Activate Digital Learning Opportunities for Millennials across Europe

In a week in which the Global Millennial Survey 2014 revealed that when it comes to tech skills, Millennials focus on the basics, Telefónica aims to celebrate coding and digital skills development with activities for young people in Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom as part of European Code Week. This initiative was launched by Neelie Kroes’ Young Advisors with the support from DG Connect at the European Commission and is seen …Read more

World’s Millennial Leaders Invited to Wayra Dublin

Having beat off stiff competition from awe-inspiring cities such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Edinburgh, Dublin city has been rewarded with the privilege of hosting over 1,500 multinational leaders from 190 countries as part of the One Young World Summit 2014. The city, which is Europe’s youngest capital, is also the perfect place for millennial leaders to discover how they can gain investment for their digital startups as Dublin houses …Read more

Inheriting Scotland: Will young Scots back global millennial trend of togetherness or seek path to independence?

Data suggests young Scots see themselves as British and claims the digitised world may influence their vote to stay a part of the UnionBy Danny Bartlett, (@whosbored) Last year, I had the pleasure of attending One Young World, which as well as being the largest gathering of nations second only to the Olympic Games, also happens to bring over 1,300 millennial leaders together in an attempt to find youth-led solutions …Read more

Latin America: No longer an importer of tech, but a creator

By Fernando Arenas (@FernandoArenas), Telefónica One Young World delegate It’s a great time to be living and working in Latin America. Consumption and manufacturing is growing and most of the population are young and want to be part of driving the change in a region that has historically been under-developed. Opportunities abound. Yet researching the Global Millennial Survey (2013) left me thinking about the goals and dreams of Latin American millennials, especially …Read more

Technology can be an equalizer and open up opportunities to all

By Emily Stott, @MillieStott It’s hard to disagree with the statement that ‘technology opens doors’. Technology empowers everyday entrepreneurs, allowing capital sourcing through crowd funding and free marketing through social media. Technology enables more efficient and widespread healthcare, with the penetration of smartphones permitting remote monitoring and self-diagnosis. Technology allows improved access to education and makes learning easier, faster and simpler. This is listing just a handful of the benefits. Through …Read more

Technology – It’s a man’s world….but for how much longer?

By Katherine Bond, @KatBond_007 Imagine a typical scientist. Picture a top technology geek. Think of a successful entrepreneur. What do they all have in common? They all wear glasses? Maybe, maybe not. They are all aged 25 to 40? Possibly. They’re all male? Yes, probably. Whether it be in the classroom, the lecture hall or the boardroom, one thing is clear: Even in the 21st century, girls and women continue …Read more

Millennials – The Makers and Navigators of the Digital Marketplace

Across industries, companies are undergoing digital transformations. This is partly due to maturation and therefore the need to do more with less, but in most cases it is because there is a realisation that digital is disrupting the way in which consumers go about their daily lives. This means that businesses need to adapt. Put simply, the industrial revolution empowered corporations; but the digital revolution has empowered the consumer. The …Read more

Millennials identify technology as most important field of study for personal future success

Its 2014, entrepreneur is the new buzzword and many claim, through LinkedIn at least, to have reached success through some type of digital innovation. What constitutes a successful digital entrepreneur, however, is still open for debate. The fact is that in a recent Ofsted report, those who claim to have mastered the digital world are now hitting their peak confidence and understanding of digital communications and technology by their mid-teens. …Read more