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Global Millennial Survey reveals useful insights on topic of influence

By Claire Rampen, Telefonica Millennial leader When ‘influence’ is discussed in the media, talk often turns to its negative impacts; the focus is on children who are growing up too quickly, or an epidemic of violence and sexualisation in young people. And what about the root of these influences? More often than not, we are quick to identify key reasons, in the form of products or media channels, and vilify …Read more

Two-thirds of Gen Y-ers Confident They Can Impact Their Local Worlds

This piece has been written by Shivvy Jervis, Head of Digital Media for Telefonica. You can find her on Twitter and The Huffington Post. A fresh update to the largest-ever survey of more than 6,700 Millennials across Latin America, the United States and Western Europe has found that today’s 18-30 year olds are strikingly optimistic about their prospects for the future. I find this heartening, given most Gen Y-ers are having to …Read more

São Paulo launch of the 2014 Telefónica Global Millennial Survey

“To understand our future, we need to understand better the Millennial generation”. That’s the view of Alec Ross, senior fellow, Columbia University, and former senior innovation advisor for Hillary Clinton. Over 150 people attended the global launch event of our Global Millennial Survey 2014, in São Paulo, Brazil, which took place at Transamérica Expo Center, before the opening of Futurecom – the most important telecommunications event in Brazil. Alec shared …Read more