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Telefonica Activate Digital Learning Opportunities for Millennials across Europe

EU Code WeekIn a week in which the Global Millennial Survey 2014 revealed that when it comes to tech skills, Millennials focus on the basics, Telefónica aims to celebrate coding and digital skills development with activities for young people in Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom as part of European Code Week.

This initiative was launched by Neelie Kroes’ Young Advisors with the support from DG Connect at the European Commission and is seen as the biggest celebration of coding across Europe. Over 600 events have been planned to grow the digital appetites of young people in an attempt to turn consumers of technology into tomorrow’s makers.

Between Saturday, October 11th and Friday, October 17th, 2014, Telefonica will contribute by hosting coding workshops; digital business planning days; competitions; Think Big school sessions and in-store O2 Guru bytes workshops, which all stem from the many on-going programmes supporting digital skills and the empowerment of young people Telefónica backs at the European level.

We’ll be publishing our activities through Twitter (#CodeEUTef) and Think Big Europe’s Instagram account.

Here is a full programme of Telefonica’s activities:


Event Event description Number of participants Location Date
Web #Labs This is all about the WWW; at the end of the workshop, young people will be familiar with terms like HTML and CSS and will also know how to build a website about 18 per workshop Youth center in Stuttgart 16th and 17th October; 2-4 pm
Inspire #Labs In small teams, young people work on developing a digital business idea; brainstorming and prototyping with littleBits (http://littlebits.cc/) helps them to invent new digital products, apps, websites etc.; at the end every team presents its idea between 20 to 30 pupils per school German schools tbd, about 3 Workshops between 15th and 17th October
Think Big #Pro Pitches 10 Think Big projects have been selected for the final round of the Think Big #Pro level; after the final pitch five of them will have been selected to receive 5000€, a place to work in a co-working space (for 8 months), consulting by experts and intensive networking possibilities 25 project makers, 30 guests, 5 jury members Telefónica Uptown in Munich 17th October, 2-7:30 pm


Event Event description Number of participants Location Date
Talentum Schools The objective of Talentum Schools is to contribute to the development of creators who can not only consume digital goods, but also create them. Participants to Talentum Schools develop their abilities for creative thinking, reacting to unexpected problems with innovative solutions. This is achieved through workshops around coding, app making, robotics, augmented reality etc… 6 to 8 per workshop 25 cities across Spain in Movistar stores 11th and 17th October in all 25 cities
Pop Up Tour Students from universities and schools will come to the Tour to create new ideas and be informed about in the possibilities that new technologies can offer to their ideas. It is an opportunity for them to start building something that will benefit the society About 300 per workshop Barcelona & Sevilla (2 days for each one) Barelona 15th and 16th  of OctoberSevilla: 22nd and 23rd  of October

The UK 

Event Event description Number of participants Location Date
Think Big School Session Thus far supporting almost 7000 young people and engaging 100’s of our people, the programme focuses on bringing the best of entrepreneurialism and digital skills together. We focus on helping young people create Think Big project ideas that solve social problems and build apps utilising Appshed that reflect their ideas. 100 Bury October 14th
O2 Guru bytes workshops In store workshops that are delivered by our store people and designed to open the possibilities of technology to customers by building digital confidence and digital skills. The digital skills workshops focus on the building blocks of the web using Mozilla tools and Appshed. Birmingham O2 Store October 11th, 13:30 to 15:00