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Telefonica Millennials evoke ‘Intrapreneurship’ during Global Summit

Our esteemed panel during OYW breakout

Our esteemed panel during OYW breakout. Chema Alonso (left); Dennis Bree (middle) and Pedro Padierna (right).

Delegates from five continents gathered for Telefónica’s internal breakout session during One Young World 2014 (OYW), the largest gathering of millennial leaders on earth, to address how a young workforce can reform the corporate environment using the principles of intrapreneurship.

The session welcomed as panelists Chema Alonso, CEO Eleven Paths; Pedro Padierna, President of PepsiCo, (Mexico); and Dennis Bree, Head of Sales for Twitter UKI. Ronan Dunne, Telefonica UK CEO, was also in attendance.

OYW Ambassadors and Telefonica millennial leaders Charlie Oliver, Virginia Stuart-Taylor and Daryl West, organised the session to share examples and best practice on evoking change from within major corporations and NGOs.

Charlie Oliver, who’s influencing internal cultural change at Telefonica UK through running an intrapreneurial initiative, spoke on the importance of millennials:

‘We believe there is need for all people, especially millennials, to have a true opportunity to contribute to the success of their employer and the reputation of its corporate brand. More can be done to empower these Digital Natives, especially as many businesses undergo digital transformations.’

Interactive polling using mobile devices was used so the audience could shape the session and questions asked to the panel. Obstacles within large companies, skills and personality traits and company culture were the hot topics on the day and themes our three Telefonica millennial leaders will be exploring when they hold a follow-up session at a Telefónica office in February/March of 2015. For more information on that, Tweet @rlieoliver.

We also interviewed our esteemed panel on why intrapreneurship is important today as well as their thoughts on the One Young World Summit:

Dennis Bree, Twitter:

Pedro Padierna, President of PepsiCo, (Mexico):

Chema Alonso, CEO and founder, Eleven Paths: