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Three different ways to use data & technology for good

What does a start- up that allows you to monitor the growth of your plants, an application for learning languages and a platform that quantifies the talent of a company have in common?

Besides that they are all Spanish start-ups led by young entrepreneurs who have been accelerated by Wayra (Telefonica Open Future), what unites these three small businesses is their knowledge of how to use data to create original products and offer solutions to improve the world in which we live… in many different ways.

Niwa is an App that helps to take care of your plants and makes it easy to have your own urban garden at home even if you don’t have too much time to devote to growing. Using an application and a small “kit” you can see the growth of your plants, vegetables, as the Niwa system stores the data from the plant to monitor, share, experiment and optimize the entire process. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic experience for the kids in the house, giving them an opportunity to reconnect with nature and be aware of the environmental and nutritional value of sustainable food. All from your phone!

Not only in the environmental field, but in the cultural, we’re also discovering interesting ideas. Milingüal is a new way of learn new languages while you live and share good times with people from all over the world. How? Through its website, which provides data from teachers in different cities, you can register and cross your data with specific needs to attend open events where the teachers guide the talks. Rather than attending traditional classrooms, thanks to Milingüal you will be part of a network of teachers, students and experiences that makes learning languages easier and maximizes cultural exchange that enriches people every day.

Finally just “measure culture” is the challenge that Talentank faced when its founders realized that in this increasingly digital world, talent is of great value and even more inside a company. But how can we quantify it? The solution came again from the data and 3,500 plus large Spanish companies that Talentank have registered at its platform. Here thanks to the software developed, users have the opportunity to find the job of their dreams because, as they say, “work should be like falling in love”.

We have no doubt that with projects like these which boost the value of technology, connectivity and data, we have tools to make the world a better place. You can watch all these start-ups on the two Spanish Specials of TheTrailblazers, an ambitious 15-part series powered by Telefónica, where we discover those millennials whose ventures use #techforgood.